Thursday, 29 September 2011

this is not normal - you cannot just GET USED TO IT! (1 picture + 1experience with the Lord today) 30-day challenge

I almost didn't do the small article for today, since my laptop is now in repairs... you really need to be careful with these devices, one wrong move and something breaks! And then trouble starts, money needs to be paid, time is spent with no PC...., but hopefully tomorrow the laptop will be returned safe and sound, as good as before(or even better). It's the same with everything / everyone: we need to be careful in our dealings and interactions with one another, or else someone may just "break down" and then a price needs to be paid to re-connect or re-establish the trust...

1 Picture Today - An Accident almost Right In Front of my Eyes!

The picture above is of an accident I almost witnessed on Holloway road this afternoon as I was doing some shopping. Everyone was out in the streets, it was a 26 degrees Celsius evening - very hot - and people were shopping or walking around, many of them being in a hurry to get to the Arsenal game tonight... And right there, in the middle of the street, on a busy road, two cars crashed into each other. What's more crazy is that people who witnessed the accident were not that much interested to help the ones in the crash, rather - every one was watching, taking pictures, and commenting about it.

This is Not Normal - You Can't Just Get Used to This! One experience with the Lord today

The truth is that in London these days we see all kinds of strange and crazy things - less than 2 weeks ago there was at least one fatality in a similar accident just up the street. We see people dressed in a crazy way walking around on the street, people with strange piercings and tattoos everywhere, people dressed with strange clothes and some with less clothes than others, people with hairstyles that defile you by just looking at them... Normal human beings dressed in a normal way and with a normal haircut - these are very rare(they are so rare that sometimes you're being stared at because you're not trying too hard to look as cool as they do]. It's becoming common to have all kinds of gang fights, teenage stabbings, thefts, muggings, etc here in London. ... And this is just something outwardly that - when you think about it - it sounds abnormal and crazy...

But you know, even in our personal life and in our private time, where no one sees us - if we think about it, we spend so much time online on websites like YouTube, Facebook, twitter, google+, social networks, news, entertainment websites... We are randomly browsing and watching... And the videos we watch... The news we hear and see... The conversations we have with people... Many times, if we think about all these, we have to admit that it's just not right, it's not good, it's not pleasing to the Lord... Just being online and reading / saying / doing stuff there - if you check with the Lord, He is NOT happy with that...

Everyone these days wants things out of the ordinary, not being "normal" but being someone unique and special... And the price we pay for this is all kinds of terrible things happening. I tell you, I have never seen or heard of so many accidents, riots, stabbings, gangs and fights, open violence, rebellion, disrespect, thefts, and evil speaking until recently - and we all kind of consider that, That's the way things are, we need to adapt to it and accept it! ... I want to say it again,

No, this is NOT normal, you can't just Get Used to This!

What's the solution? We can't really change the world, and it's obviously clear that there's no way to cure the people today... The best thing we can do is RIGHT now touch the Lord and give ourselves to Him. All we have is now - now, as the Lord touches us, we say AMEN to His word! Just a little opening to the Lord right now, and then again in a few minutes, as we do this and that... will keep us not only surviving and being sane, but will keep us growing in the Lord!

Wherever we are, whatever we are about to do, we can choose to turn to the Lord and enjoy Him! This is NORMAL, and we should get used to this! It is normal for us believers in the Lord to enjoy Him, even to have regular times set aside to spend with the Lord! This is normal, and this is good! This is the solution to the situation today - it starts with ME, I need to enjoy the Lord right now! Everyone is going their own way, being swept away by "a flood of dissoluteness"; what saves us from being in the same current is our enjoyment of Christ, the One who is really life and can live a life for God's purpose!

Many times the Lord within us wants to speak to us and He wants to draw us to Himself that we may just spend some personal time with Him! But we are too busy or too "drugged" with what's going on, what's new, what's the score, what our friends say on Facebook, the latest pictures with our friends, or even the news of what's going on in the world! Oh, Lord Jesus! How much we need to be de-contaminated, saved from the stupefying and drugging effect of the world, and washed in the water in the Word! ....
Lord, amen, save us from being swept away - we want to be those building the ark so that we may be saved from this crooked and perverted generation! Save us from being in the current of this age... Gain Your ark today - those full of vision, seeking You! Gain some who withstand the current of this age and who shine forth as luminaries in this dark age!


  1. Yes! We need to be those who ENJOY the Lord all the time, holding forth the word of life to shine forth as luminaries!

  2. Those who follow, follow the lamb
    Live and walk in the mingled spirit
    And are thus led, led by the Spirit
    Continually, continually in their daily life.

    Continue to shine & praise the Lord!


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